Sustained moderate-intensity exercise increases fat loss and reduces risk of cardiovascular disease.

Regular exercise also increases work capacity and endurance and increases functional performance in activities of daily living.



Maintenance/enhancement of muscular strength and endurance.

Increases in bone mass and strength of connective tissue.

Increase independence for activities of daily living, vocational potential and physical self-confidence.

Not recommended as the only form of exercise, as
it does not significantly contribute to total energy expenditure. It could be incorporated within a circuit- style exercise programme with aerobic exercise.



Helps to reduce the risk of injury from training. Can include activities such as yoga and Pilates.

Can enhance mental wellbeing through relaxation and proper breathing.

The Eatwell guide shows what kind of foods you should eat, and in what proportions, to have a healthy and balanced diet and more sustainable food. This includes everything you eat and drink during the day.


‘The Balance of Good Health’, was launched in 1994. It was revised and named ‘The eatwell plate’ in 2007.

The most recent model, the Eatwell Guide, was published in March 2016.