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GET LEAN by Maria is a fat burning & toning 8-week workout plan.

If your goal is to tone up, get lean and improve your overall fitness and strength, then this is the plan for you! 


This is a structured workout plan designed to help you lose weight, get toned and improve your overall fitness performance. The programme is split into 4 phases with x 4 workouts per week: 

PHASE 1: Weeks 1 & 2 

PHASE 2: Weeks 3 & 4 

PHASE 3: Weeks 5 & 6 

PHASE 4: Weeks 7 & 8 

You can access the workout programme via your mobile on the app making it easy to follow in the gym. This is a gym based programme using weights and equipment and each workout includes videos of each exercise with the specified reps, sets or time. 



- Intro to the plan 

- Reps, Rest & Weights

- Nutrition Guidance 

- 8 Week Training Plan: Legs & Glutes, Upperbody, Core & Cardio, & Strength (includes low-impact training & stretches) 




This is an active plan, suitable for anyone able and willing to get to the gym, & follow the guide. The plan involves doing exercises you may or may not have done before, but you will have access to online demonstration videos to teach you each exercise if it is new to you. The plan involves weight training for best results, however, each exercise can be adapted to use no weights (body weight), and still achieve great results. It is suitable for any level of fitness and you can push as much as you want. If you are already experienced in the gym, there is no limit with this plan. 


This fitness plan is designed to push you, so please use the guidance for reps & rest. Do note, if you have any medical conditions or injuries please consult your GP before conducting any exercise plans. Please feel free to send me an enquiry if you have any further questions regarding any fitness or nutrition plans. 


I hope you enjoy this plan as much as I do! 

It's time to GET LEAN!