Long Hair 

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Tips for growing hair and keeping it healthy 

It can take many years to grow your hair to the length you want, so here are some tips on how you can make it grow faster and how to look after it...

Diet / Vitamins  

Boitin rich foods are known to grown your hair quicker, such as; almonds, salmon, avocados, eggs, sweet potato, dairy and generally most nuts and seeds. If you struggle to get enough through just your diet, then you can take Biotin supplements as they have a high concentrate of the vitamin. As B vitamins are exceptionally good for all healthy functioning of the body I tend to go for the ‘B-COMPLEX 100’ as it has all 8 B vitamins. This is especially good for Vegetarians who aren’t able to get most nutrients from just their diet. Vitamin D is another hair lifesaver and typically we don’t get enough of it from the Sun so its best to stock up on it most particularly in the winter. Last but not least, get that shiny, healthy looking hair from Omega oils that can be found in most fish. Myprotein have a Super Omega 3 Elite range that is a high Strength fish oil. 

Chill out  

As we know, sleep and general rest is always good for our body to repair and restore. But it is also a known fact that stress can lead to hair loss. Why? Because stress affects our adrenaline levels, impacts the way our body absorbs nutrients and it has negative affects to our immune system. Now this is where it gets technical... when our body produces more adrenaline as a reaction to stress, it can then be converted to cholesterol which can raise your body’s level of testosterone. This is a male hormone which, for females, too much of this hormone can affect the hair growth cycle that can lead to hair loss and thinning. Stress on its own can lead us to other bad habits, such as lack of sleep or not eating correctly which again can make us deficient in things like iron or protein. Due to the hair growth cycle, it can take 6-12 weeks after a ‘stressful period’ for this to happen and then another 3 months to start growing back.  So take some time to chill out; do some Yoga or book yourself into a Spa for a relaxing break.  

Hair Growth Serums  

Another way of getting the nutrients to your hair, are serums specialised to penetrate into the scalp. Look for ones that contain Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin or Caffeine as these are the most effective ingredients. Grow Gorgeous do a ‘Hair Growth Serum’ that contains all of these, plus some other key ingredients such as Bio –Active Complex of Chinese Skullcap, Soy Sprout and Wheat Sprout which helps activate and improve hair density.  

Looking after the hair you have with the Right products & Treatments  

Hair treatments go a long way when it comes to repairing your hair. Always invest in a good shampoo and conditioner that has restoring and moisturising properties, this will prevent your hair from breaking. Additionally, now and again use a repairing treatment that is specialised for the type of hair you have. For me, I have dry hair so I always go for a moisturizing treatment such as Bumble and Bumble While you Sleep (overnight damage repair!) and then now and again do a restoring one to strengthen such as John Frieda’s Full Repair Deep Conditioning Mask.  These will really give your hair the repair they need and bring it to a healthy, soft and shiny condition. Look after your hair daily, from your hairbrush to styling. Use a Tangleteezer for smooth hairbrushing – this will avoid any breakage and use heat protection spray for any intense styling. But the most essential thing you can do is use HAIR OIL. I have been swearing by it for the last 10 years because of how much my hair grew and repaired... Macadamian OIL! It won’t leave your hair greesy just super soft, moisturised and healthy! (Apply daily from mids to the ends after washing & let your hair dry naturally!)