Can you feel the heat? 

How to tame heat damaged hair... 

How to handle heat damaged hair... 


Nowadays it's nearly impossible to avoid some form of damage to our hair, whether it's from heat styling, chemical treatments or the environment we live in. And a lot of us don’t even realise the extent of the damage that simple daily straightening or brushing can do to it.  

So why does heat damage hair?  

Some of the heat styling tools we use on our hair go up to 230°C and when that heat is applied to our hair it actually results in cracks to the cuticle layer, frayed strands, split ends, broken cuticles, faded colours and more frizz. The damage is caused by dehydration through rapid water loss, protein damage, and the softening of keratin in the hair. Once the protein structures in the hair are broken, this can leave us with dull and dry hair.  

And how does dying our hair result in damage?  

Firstly, the ammonia in hair dye lifts the hair’s cuticle which enables the dye to change the hair colour. This is actually lifting off the natural protective barrier of the hair strand.  

Then if your bleaching your hair, the peroxide strips your hair of its natural colour in order to prepare it for the next colour, leaving it weakened and often broken (if its left on too long it can just snap off!)  

Despite what we know about it, we can’t always stop ourselves. So here’s what we can do about it / hide it!!: 

Prevent further damage  

Reduce the frequency you straighten or curl your hair, maybe you don’t need to do it every day. And maybe you don’t need to dry your hair with a hairdryer after every wash? Let your hair dry naturally if you are not in any rush and turn down the heat on your straighteners (if they have a control button), if they don’t, run the straighteners through quicker instead of holding it.  And avoid towel drying your hair! Big no no!   

If you can’t live without your heat styling tools (like me) and you are using them regularly, then it’s worth investing in high quality ones which keep your hair healthier. Look for ones with ceramic plates and tri-zone technology as these type of straighteners work quicker and more effectively on the hair. The technology works by having 3 sensors across each plate, ensuring the optimum temperature is maintained - which reduces hair breakage by over 50% and shine by 20%. I personally always go with GHD - it might be on the pricey side but your straighteners last you forever, if they break you have a 2 warranty and send you a replacement. So I’ve had mine a lifetime!  

I’d recommend their GHD platinum range, for perfect styling results whilst keeping your hair much healthier than other straighteners. These are my go tos:  

GHD platinum 

GHD creative curl  

GHD hairdryer  

Know the products out there that will save your hair!!  

Protein Repair treatments:  

Kerastase Resistance for Chemically weakened hair  

Olaplex hair Perfector No.3  

Grow Gorgeous Rescue and Repair Duo  

Philip Kingsley Trichotherapy Protein spray  


Moisturizing repair treatments:  

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor oil Strength and Restore  

Grow Gorgeous a Year of Gorgeous Intense  

Nexxus Emergency Leave in Crème for Damaged hair  

Aussie Miracle Recharge  


Heat Protection Spray: 

Strivectin Colour re UV protection spray  

Lee Stafford Argan oil – Heat Defence Spray  

GHD UV Heat Protection Spray 



Humidity sprays for holidays:  

Bumble and Bumble Anti Humidity Gel oil  

Bamboo Anti Humidity Spray  


Hair oils to protect and soften:  

Macadmian Oil  

Morrocon Oil  



Eat your hair healthy – Read here for exactly how!