20 Min Core 

20 Min Legs & Glute workout 

Holiday workouts 

Holidays are for relaxing, having fun and partying it up! So for most of us, the idea of working out on holiday is a big no.  

However, how often do we all go on holiday only to come back needing another holiday and feel like we need to start another detox. HOLIDAY BLUES. You put in all that hard work to get your ‘holiday body’, and then its as if its totally gone after day 2. I’d rather feel good throughout my whole holiday, have even more energy and not feel guilty about all that I’m eating.

And it’s SO easy to bash out a little 20 minute workout here and there, whether its body weight exercises, simple cardio or relaxing Yoga.


Here are a couple of workouts we did on holiday... even better we caught a tan too and the heat gave us an extra sweat! #detox #consistency


2o minute Hit Circuit 

15 minute Cardio 

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