Natural looking makeup


It sounds, and it is simple. But, not only is it good for you skin by hydrating and protecting it against ageing, but it will help your makeup go on smoother & look more flawless.  Especially around the eyes where I tend to use more concealer, it helps the makeup stay on for longer and look more supple. When I'm after a more dewy look, I opt for a more moisturising one followed by a setting spray for finish. 

Products I'd recommend:

Creamy Eye treatment with avocado - Kiehls 

Midnight Recovery Eye 

Lancome Visionnaire advanced 

Aqualia Thermal Light cream - Vichy

Beauty Blenders

Beauty Blenders are not overrated! They give you the flexibility to be able to build your concealer and blend it away as if its literally your own skin! I only use them to blend concealer and not a liquid foundation, for that its best to use your finger tips so that its not absorbed into the sponge.  There's even small diddy ones to use particularly around the eye area which is mainly where the blenders work their magic for flawless looking makeup! 

Beauty blender

Use the right tools

Quality over quantity. If you really want your makeup to look flawless, then invest in some soft bristle brushes. Not the cheap ones! The quality of the hairs affect the overall application of the makeup making it easier for you, but also looks the way it should. Bad quality brushes can make makeup look patchy and take up too much of the product. Secondly, unless your an artist its worth getting different angled brushes for different areas of the face, apples of cheeks, contouring under the cheek bone, powder brush, bronzer brush, eyeliner, under the eyebrow arch and so on.  You don't want to mix brushes as your mix your products making the next time you do your makeup a bit of disaster!


Morphe Vacay Mode 12 Piece collection  

Skin tone

Stick to tones that naturally match you, whether this is yellow or pink based. The trick to looking natural is that foundations should match your skin, no lighter or darker, as this is applied over a larger area of the face. Afterwards you can apply light shaded concealer around the eye areas, under the brow arch, under the eyes, and in all the highlighting areas if you want to naturally contour your face.

If you want to look more bronzed, then build this up with a light powder up to 3 shades darker than your skin around the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin only.   

Apply in natural lighting

To avoid that shocking moment when you step outside and realise how bad your makeup actually is , always apply your make-up in good bright light or natural light by a window. Indoor lights often have filters and tints in their light bulbs deceiving you of your actual colour and some lights have a soft touch blending your makeup for you making you look picture perfect.  Your be suprised the difference. 

No liner. Just mascara

If were talking really natural looking - then no eyeliner. Its the absolute give away and so is mascara. 

Less is more,.. Opt for mascara that brings out individual 

lashes and lengthens for pretty eyes – volume mascaras tend to thicken and clump!   I've tried so many mascaras from cheap to expensive, and its worth investing in a quality mascara for a better look and for it to last longer. I love Lancome Hypnose, it gives each one of my lashes life and is buildable for nighttime wear. It also doesn't flake off like most cheap


YSL False Lash Effect Mascara 

Nudes & Neutrals

From your eyes to your lips, only use tones that would be natural and bronzers of the colour you would go naturally a  week away in the sun!

Top tip: Apply only in the places the sun would hit your face, tops of forehead, bridge of nose and tops of cheekbones. 

Walah- Sunkissed!   

BB creams & Tinted moisterizers

 If you really want to look like your not wearing any makeup at all, then BB creams are the way forward!  They act as a moisturizer and have SPF protection whilst giving a subtle sheer tint of foundation. Apply on the cheeks and forehead with concealer to brighten the under eyes and it will look like you have nothing on at all! Some BB creams also contain hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to regenerate skin cells, so there are actual benefits to your skin too!