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 A healthier way to being golden instead of spending hours baking in the sun for that tan... 

I teamed up with Vita liberata to achieve this bronzed glow. Look after your skin and fake it with these amazing products



Vita Liberata pHenomenal Self Tan Mousse Medium 125ml


Vita Liberata Self Tanning Anti Age Serum 15ml


Vita Liberata Ten Minute Tan 150ml  


Nip+Fab Tan Glow Getter Body Oil 100ml

Dior Bronze Beautifying Protective Oil in Mist Sublime Glow SPF 15


Piz Buin Tan & Protect Tan Accelerating Oil Spray SPF15 Medium 150ml







The Secret behind a good tan


INVEST in a good self-tanner. It pays off to have a tanner that is effortless to apply and looks golden and natural in colour.  There are so many products out there that all advertise to produce a natural looking, odourless, streak free glow. But the results are very different, and can distinguish you from looking like an oompah Loompa to looking like you've had a weeks' vacation.  

Choose a tanner that works best for you. I personally prefer to go for a moisturising, gradual tans as they are easier to pull off but sometimes I opt for a deep, long lasting tan if the occasion calls for it. 

Gradual Tanners Reviewed 


Tanning lotion & Oil:

 Best for hydration 


Tanning Mousse:

Quick drying, deep tanning  

Gradual tan:

Light that can be built up day by day, natural looking 


Instant tans:

Like body makeup, one-time use and washes off   

2 Step Tanning 




Step 1)  Prep  

Prepping the skin first is the most important tip for even, streak-free long-lasting results. Exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells and create a smooth surface for the tan to be applied to. I'd highly recommend using an exfoliating glove, as its quick and easy and will never run out, but it also leaves no residue behind. If you opt for an exfoliating scrub, ensure it doesn’t contain oils as it will leave a film on the skin preventing the tan to be absorbed properly. Similarly, any removal of hair should be done prior to application (to prevent taking it back of!).  


Step 2) Application  

Moisturize the knees, feet, elbows and hands (and fingernails), these are all the areas which the tan gets absorbed into the most so tends to darken more than the other areas. If your tanning your face, also moisturize under the eyes, around the nose, lips and eyebrows.  

Use a tanning mit, is like using a beauty blender – an essential tool for streak-free tanning. Apply tan directly onto the mit and then apply on the skin in circular motions.  



Start from the top of the ankle, blending upwards from the front of the back of the leg. Take extra care to blend between the ankle and the legs and apply a dab of a tan along the front of the feet blending carefully and lightly to cover all areas.  


Apply from the shoulders down the front of the arm, where the sun would naturally tan. Then blend underneath and on the backs on the arms – no need to apply more tan here. Using what is left on the tanning mit, lightly stroke the front of hands being careful between the fingers and avoid the finger nails.  


Unless your extra flexible or have octopus arms then you will need a friend to help you out! Start from across the tops of the shoulders – applying more deeply in this area and blending downwards to cover the entire back and sides.  


For the face, I'd recommend either using a face tanning moisturizer for a light, sun kissed look or apply moisturizer to your tanning application to keep It natural. Apply on the forehead, top & bridge of nose, cheekbones and chin and avoid applying in the eye/ eyebrow area and around the mouth. Use a damp cloth to remove any excess tan.  







Gradual Tanners reviewed

St Tropez

The all famous tanning brand, opting to reduce tanning time by producing a tan you can apply and wash off within 3 minutes. It's definitely quick and easy, and doesn't feel like you've fake tanned, although the quality of the results? Kinda smells a bit, leaves a residue and sometimes can end up patchy depending on how well blended you apply it. (Sort of hard due to its slimey texture).  So you do end up feelings like you need another shower afterwards. Whether or not this is from the Sweet Almond oil it contains... were not sure... But great reviews from guys though, so I'd recommend it as a quick, convenient, still natural looking, tanning option. 




There are continuous offers on this product which encouraged me to try it in the first place. Of course, they felt confident that customers would repurchase, which I did because the results are worth it! It's a lightweight gradual moisturizer, that smells great and spa like. Apply after a shower and leave on overnight, wake up to streak free bronzed, hydrated skin.  It's one of my cheaper go-to tanners with a perfect colour.  

RATING 8/10  

The 'Aussie golden tan' label associated with this product and the blue packaging inspired me to get this product. In fact you are probably starting to see this brand all over insta now with all the influencers modelling with the bottle. This one has a strong almond/ coco butter smell to it, a little bit overbearing for me. The colour of the tan itself I think depends on your natural skin tone. I have olive skin and it was kind of a bit muddy looking on me. So wasn't much of a fan. But perhaps its better for fairer skin. However, the results were natural and streak free! 



A good value for money product, that comes with a fruity summery scent. It's light and gradual moisturizing formula builds a natural looking glow keeping your skin well hydrated. The only downside is it takes a good 5 minutes to absorb into the skin and even then it still feels slightly wet or 'moisturized' shall we say until you shower it off. Doesn't leave any streaks and creates a natural looking tan that smells pretty good.  Probably the best smelling tanner out there. Good for a light sun kissed glow. 




This is a beautiful product that makes tanning application feel like a more natural process. Add a few drops to your moisturizer to create a natural golden glow that looks healthy and patch free. The formula is odorless so perfect for those who don't like the thought of fake tanning. It's high concentration of tanning ingredients means a couple of drops go a long way. Add more drops to build the deepness that's desired. The extra benefits: its hydrating, anti-ageing and firming.

RATING 9/10 

I had to write about this in my skin product reviews because it is AMAZING! As I mentioned, I first bought it from TK Maxx, yes that's right... TKmaxx do branded makeup products! Its a tanning face oil, shake the bottle well, dab into your palm and apply with fingers to your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin (all the places the sun would naturally hit).The mixture itself is glittery but not glittery enough that I can't apply it in the morning underneath my makeup! Once its washed off you have this natural golden looking glow, See pictures here!  I love it! I've been putting it on every other day and I think the bottle is going to last me for months! Definitely worth a full price investment too when this on runs out! Everyone thinks I've been on holiday!


Vita Liberata range

This is one of the BEST tanning brands out there at the moment.... 

I probably discovered this nearly 4 years ago, but its only recently shining in the shops and their range is getting bigger and bigger. I'm not surprised, Vita Liberata have absolutely smashed the tanning game. 

This tanner is my everything, natural, streak free, golden beautiful glow. Effortless. 

I quickly apply it after showering, absorbs within minutes and leaves no residue - its as simple as applying a daily moisturizer. By the morning or by the end of the day (sometimes I even wear it to work so it's done by end of work with no smell!), the tan is developed fully to this natural healthy golden glow. It comes out a great colour on all skin tones, not one you usually see for a fake tan, One application a week is enough to get your going but you could deepen the colour and apply everyday or every other.  

Added bonus: its the cheapest option of the Vita Liberata range and gives a credible tan! 

RATING 10/10 

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